The Hardness Factor
The Hardness FACTOR- Steven Lamm


The Hardness Factor is opening up the door for men who wish to improve sexual health and general wellbeing.

The Six Week Program presented by Dr. Steven Lamm guarantees harder erections if certain lifestyle changes are carried out by those men who wish to improve their sexual performance and/or prevent future impotence problems.


How can you keep a weekly track of your improved hardness? With the DIR-4U! We have designed a unique device for The Hardness Factor followers to allow you to monitor how your erections become stronger through Dr. Steven Lamm’s Six Week Program.

How does it work?
It is user-friendly, fast and reliable. All you have to do is press the DIR-4U against the tip of the penis at erection and it will automatically provide an objective measure of how hard you are.

- Results are measured in grams on a scale from 200g to over 1000g
- Results below 500g indicate insufficient hardness for sexual intercourse
You will be able to monitor your improvement weekly and by keeping track of your hardness you will be able to witness how the Six Week Program improves your heath …and your hardness!

Is it reliable?
Absolutely. The DIR-4U is a simplified version of the Rigidometer used by Dr. Steven Lamm and many other specialists to assess erectile quality. The DIR that has been used in medical centers for years is FDA listed and CE approved and is frequently used in medical practices in order to diagnose erectile problems. The DIR-4U is a non-medical, simplified version designed to be used by men who want to find out how hard they are.

Why should I measure hardness?
As pointed out by Dr. Steven Lamm, penile hardness is in fact a barometer for overall health. Declining hardness levels can be indicative of underlying health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, stress, etc. If those who are concerned with sugar levels or hypertension levels have suitable devices at home to monitor such aspects …why shouldn’t you monitor hardness?

How do I order and how much does it cost?
Please send an email requesting a purchase form and you will be informed about shipping, price and payment conditions.